D.O.B: 21.1.1986
Hometown: Manchester, England.

As a young lad I used to play ice hockey for England. Then when I was nearly 16, a friend asked me if I want to go to the skatepark with him on skates. When I got there I saw BMX’s doing flips and whips which amazed me. From that day I pestered my Dad for a BMX bike until I got one! After that I started going to the skate park once or twice a week to learn more and more. Eventually I gave up ice hockey to concentrate on riding instead. On BMX I started progressing a lot, I was learning really quick, getting all the tricks and then one day my friend asked me if I want to do a BMX contest, it was a pro contest, so I went along. I didn’t think I was ready for it, but he said I should do it, even though I was nervous I decided I had nothing to lose. I did the contest and won it! From that I started getting little sponsorship deals. It inspired me to do better and to do more contests. Next I started getting into the magazines, progressed more and more and finished most contests in the top five.

I carried on riding BMX until I was 19. At the time I was working in a bike shop and saw a flyer for a mountain bike contest called Filthy48. That was my very first MTB contest. I decided to buy a bike two days before the contest, I had never rode a mountain bike until that day!! I performed my usual tricks, getting used to the bike. Then I decided to try a flip whip and ended up breaking my leg.

Then I got the invite for the adidas Slopestyle. I had to lie to get into this contest! I said that I’d rode Slopestyle before and that I had about a year of experience which I didn’t. So I went to the event not knowing what to expect and actually did really well. I came in fourth in my first Slopestyle contest and that was the beginning of my mountain bike career. Afterwards I got offered contracts from companies and have worked my ass off to become what I am today with a group of amazing sponsors.

Above all, I really have to thank my parents. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be riding now. It was my Dad that pushed me and told me that I should do BMX and Mountain bike and that I’d do well in it as he thought that I’m a natural on my bike. My Mum and Dad helped me to get to events when I didn’t have the sponsorships in the beginning. My Dad also rides with me now and keeps me motivated. He rides a mountain bike and we go to skate parks together every week.

Strengths: Tricks – I practice my tricks so much that they look easy and I can do them pretty much on anything.
Weaknesses: Northshore – I hate that skinny balancing stuff.

Q&A with Lance McDermott

1. Who are you?
Lance McDermott

2. Where are you from?
Manchester, England

3. What do you do for a living?
Professional Mountain Bike Rider

4. Whats the best thing about your job?
Freedom to express myself in something I love

5. Whats the worst thing about your job?

6. Hows the leg healing now?
Finally walking after 9 months, been tough. Can’t wait to get back on my bike.

7. When do you think you’ll be able to compete?
Hopefully be ready for 26trix and Krankworx

8. You’ve got a pretty nice set up bike. tell us about it?
This is my new Saracen, it is a stock AL1 frame in black and green Signature LMD Frame, 2010 Marzocchi 4×4 Forks, Gusset Colt Stem, Gusset Open Prison 3inch Bars, Chris King Head set, Formula R1 Brake , Gusset Pigmy 3 Reynolds Cranks, Gusset 4-Cross Mini Chainwheel, Gusset PCP Plastic Pedals, Gusset Integral Saddle, Gold Bling Slink Chain, Alex LMD Signature Wheels, Schwalbe Table Top Tyres

9. Any ultra trick parts like ti bolts etc?
One thing that is pretty trick is that there is no seat clamp (its all about saving weight) also running ti nuts and bolts all round and bottom bracket is also titanium

10. Whats it like riding for saracen?
Wicked, it has to be one of the biggest moves of my life but also the best. The guys down at Madison are looking after me and I know Saracen is going to be number 1

11. Are you finding it difficult to convince people that this isn’t the Saracen of old?
Not at all. Back in the day Saracen was a totally different brand, it had some good points but also bad (Halfords) but now Madison have taken over there has been big changes and I think people are recognising this. Just check out the bikes you can tell for yourself.

12. What did you think of the Ice Show?
Like I said Madison are making big changes and they are serious about their products and work, just look at how much effort they went through to make ice bike so special for their guests.

13. When we meet at the ice show you said that you prefer comps like Crankworks as apposed to white style. Why is that?
Whitestyle is snow, Im from England! I never knew what snow was til I went there :-)

14. Do you think comps have got to where they need to be, or have they got a way to go?
Comps are getting better each year and there is always room for improvement.

15. What would you like to see in a comp?
More prize money for the riders who dedicate themselves all yr round to prove they are the best rider out there also more mainstream tv coverage. This sport is a big thing and more of the public need to notice it.

16. Where would you like to see a comp held that it hasn’t already?
I would say Manchester but lets be honest it would just be raining! :-) So to be random lets say Hawaii! Its always nice there and we can have a funky hula cocktail afterparty on the beach!

17. Whats the strangest thing you’ve seen or experienced on your travels?
The breakfast in the EU….bread n meat anyone?

18. What are your like and dislikes?
Likes – Competition, Progression, Winning. Dislikes – Losing, Mess, Injuries

19. Whats on your I-pod?
Dubstep, Hip Hop and a whole lot of Kano.

20. Whats the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
My Dad is my best friend. He’s supported me throughout my whole career so whatever advice he has given me along the way has helped me.

21. Whats the best advice you’ve given?
To my friend, mark, who wants to be a professional mountain bike rider, it wont come to you…you have to chase your dreams (a man distracted is a man defeated)…he likes the weekend partying you see lol

22. Tell why we should consider buying a saracen as our next bike?
Because the guys at Saracen have done a good job at creating the best bikes and have made sure they’re affordable for all…strong, light, just perfect

23. Who are your hero’s?
I don’t have any heroes…..but I admire my Dad.

24. Tell us something we may not know about you?
I have a beautiful little boy called Lucius, aged 5months who’s already done 62 backflips on the bed and counting :-)

25. Hows the track car coming along?
Its getting there, its getting there…motorsport costs way too much money hahaha

26. Any thank you’s?
All my sponsors and family for supporting me and looking after me whilst I have been down (injured)

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